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  • Dan Lovell

    The Black Power salute was a protest by the African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos during their medal ceremony at 1968 Olympics Mexico City. As they turned to hear the national anthem of America, they each raised a black-gloved fist and kept them raised throughout. Smith, Carlos and Australian silver medalist Peter Norman wore human rights badges on their jackets. The event was one of the most overtly political statements in the history of the modern Olympic Games

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Isabel Marant High Tops. At first I thought they were hideous, but slowly they've been growing on me, and now I really want a pair.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, 1968 Olympic medal winners Photograph by Platon, originally published in The New Yorker (2011) Today (October 16) is the anniversary of Smith and Carlos’s famous black power Olympics medal podium protest.

"Once upon a time freedom used to be life-" Mama feels strongly about people being freed.

Power and Equality: universal terms that are understood so differently in so many places. How do you define power and equality?

Civil rights exist to PROTECT the minority from majority preferences. Ask the framers.

Philadelphia Homeless by Tom Gralish, 1986 Pulitzer Prize. “I like any kind of food. Whatever’s there, I buy it. Hot dog one day, the next Chinese food, roast beef sandwich.” — Walter, Philadelphia, the homeless. Walter allows Gralish to photograph him- People like it when you pay attention to them. These guys had disdain for society and the rules: thats why they objected to the shelters. They saw themselves as the last free men.

little boy and his friend - early 1900's [WWI: poster behind him says "Submarines Lurking" Is he sitting in a shoeshine chair?]

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Wilson, Charley, Rebecca & Rosa 1863. The 3 children are of mixed race ancestry. Historic Photographs Of "White" Slaves