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"My Place in the World" project

help kids understand diff between city, state, country. ** great project to help kids understand their place in this world.

FREE-Printouts for all 50 states!

Printouts for all 50 states from Crayola Website! soooo wanna break out the colored pencils and do a state report!


Take a stroll around your school grounds and soak up the sights and sounds of Nature. A fun outside activity allowing your children to experience the simple pleasures of nature!


The world on an orange lesson plan - excellent idea for mapping lesson - Hoekzema-is there somewhere in the grade curriculum that encourages orange art? I remember doing something similar to this and it was a huge flop. Perhaps longitude/latitude lines?

Guess Who? for the classroom. This is such a great idea! Could be used for anything: architecture, famous artists/artworks, etc... Doesn't have to be people. :)

Guess Who: Historical Figures - Cool way to help kids study important people, i. It could also work for people with TBI's, Aphasia or some form of dementia! A fun way to study important people in your life like family and friends!

Cloud inspector. - Click image to find more Science & Nature Pinterest pins

this is a wonderful idea. When i was a kid i alway had a hard time telling the difference in clouds with out looking at a text book love love love this! Cloud inspector (science for kids, weather activity)

On this page, you will find a roundup of additional resources for teaching kids about countries around the world. There are lots of neat things here including a printable passport, free videos from around the world, international recipes…and much more. Take a look!

fun for classroom geography - around the world in 80 tales. Children to have a passport and fill it in to say where in the world they have been. Stamp for each different country.