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Erickson catalog page

Vase #716

Amethyst free form ash tray 6in.

Erickson Smoke Vase with Controlled Bubble Base from kimberlysrarities on Ruby Lane. Asking; $127 as of 9/14

Rare Carl Erickson Art Glass Cobalt Triple Swag Vase: 8" tall, 5" at its widest point. Examples can be found in the Knower Erickson Freehand Glass Catalog on the bottom of page 23. See the Erickson Art Glass facebook. Asking: $379 or B.I.N. $579. Lancaster, Ohio

Carl Erickson grape fan vase with paperweight base | Asking: $525/16.80

Erickson bonbon dish Some might think it's an ashtray, but according to the catalog it is a candy dish.

My Modern Glass. Erickson Glass #270 Liqueur Decanter

Erickson Freehand Smoke Controlled Bubble Bone by midcenturymania on Etsy asking $50 as of 12/14

Grape Color Erickson Art Glass Vase | eBay. But it Now price: $95/9.87

Erickson Experimental Art Glass Orange Vase Mid Century Modern | eBay Buy It Now price: $150/10.95 The vase is bright orange and measures 5 1/4" tall X 2 1/2" at the base.

Vintage Carl Erickson Star Bowl Special Colors | eBay Buy It Now price: $150/18

Vintage Carl Erickson Art Glass Vase 15" Swedish Pairpoint Circa 1940'S | eBay Carl Erickson art glass vase. This rare art glass vase measures 15" tall and 6" at widest point, base measures 4 1/4 square x 1" tall-- all measurements are approx (see images). The emerald green and clear vase is striking. The vase has a smooth ground and polished pontil and base. Asking: $399/44.95

Erickson Glass Works Amethyst Handkerchief Vase | eBay Asking: $99.99/9.60

Erickson "Flame" Decanter (Emerald)

Erickson "Flame" Decanter (Amethyst)

Erickson "Flame" Decanter (Charcoal Gray) In addition to this rarer uncolored (clear) variation, Erickson also made these flame decanters in a number of colors. Subtle tinting was added towards the bottom of the vessel in various colors—including charcoal gray, amethyst, and, of course, emerald:

Erickson "Flame" Decanters (Colorless)In the case of these flame design decanters, the flame motif is in the bottle’s accompanying stopper. These hand-blown bottles have four applied glass rings on the neck in two pairs of two. The height of the decanter from the bottom to the lip of the bottle is about 10 ½ inches; the flame-shaped stopper adds another five inches as well.

Blenko 948 bent neck decanter compared with Empoli, Erickson, and pilgrim

Among the various pieces of barware seen in the third season episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” was a lovely hand-blown glass decanter, positioned at the table between Captain Kirk and Mister Spock. Kirk and Spock had a get-together for the evening with Commissioner Bele of the planet Cheron in Bele’s quarters.

Items For Sale At Auction - FANTASTIC ERICKSON GLASS AUCTION! in Lancaster, OH

Asking: $399. Artist Carl Erickson Glass Controlled Bubble Amethyst Brass Lamp RARE (All About That Glass in Pickerington)

Asking: $42./7.35 Erickson Ashtray 6.25 inches long. Advertised as "different purple" but I think it might be Helio.

Asking: $56.99/5.80 Two Erickson Green Blue Ashtrays. 4.25 inches.

Asking: $45./ 7.35 Erickson Green Star Ashtray. 7.75 inches in diameter