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History Channel - The Dark Ages (Complete Documentary) The History Channel examines the Dark Ages from the fall of the Roman Empire to the First Crusade. Director: Christopher Cassel Writers: Christopher Cassel, Alexander Emmert Stars: Philip Daileader, Kelly DeVries and Bonnie Effros George Anton Watch Free Full Movies Online: click and SUBSCRIBE Anton Pictures

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Bert Hardy's photographs - in pictures

People bid farewell to their loved ones at Paddington station in London during the second world war, 23 May 1942. Bert Hardy

A look at medieval make-up. ~S #medieval #makeup #cosmetics

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1962 Cover Girl Make-up Ad Vintage Cosmetics Beauty Advertisement Print Sondra Peterson Model Photo Vanity / Bathroom / Salon Wall Art Decor

Make-Up as Understructure: Renaissance Cosmetics as Renaissance Self-Fashioning #cosmetics #fashion #medieval