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    it's okay, everyone has these thoughts!

    • Kelsi Love

      I have told Zack this so many times, because he just sits there and laughs at me everytime I step on a lego man or army man.

    • Kari Rhoderick

      it's okay, everyone has these thoughts! This made me giggle!!! Have done it and it hurts worse than it seems like it should!!! :-)

    • Angela Hammond

      I can't begin to count the number of times I did this while checking on my sleeping boys before I went to bed. It hurts like hell, and having to stifle a yelp so as not to wake sleeping children does not help.

    • Richelle MacArthur

      I saw these words a few weeks ago and laughed, then today they came back to me when Braden was having quite the attitude problem AND he then stepped on a lego and was rolling around in pain, I had my own private laugh to myself, that is what you get for being a 13 year old TURD! Teenagers YIKES! Maybe we should surround their bedrooms in Legos and take away their shoes :)

    • Christina ..

      So funny. Actually hurts really bad. I've hurled a few across the room in the dark a time or two :)

    • Tiffany Hansen

      I hope you step on a lego. Funny stuff to mothers of boys.

    • Stephanie Moser

      those things hurt! i used to do that all the time lol

    • Jennifer Dang

      It hurts when you step on a lego!

    • Shelly Tucker

      Quote - Hope You Step On a Lego

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