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I have a huge, horrible case of this. People come up and ask me if I'm okay... All the time.

Reread this but say "three hours later" in that voice from spongebob's tv show hahahaha so funny :)

I'm not wearing a dress to look pretty. I'm wearing a dress because it's hot as balls and I don't feel like wearing pants. :)

so perfect for bloggers everywhere.: timothy buckwalter Definition of me as soon as I hit the bedroom door. -Cindy

LOL! This pretty much sums it up. Just add ninja crawling and that's me!

Christina Childress Catola Corey, story of my life. Except I refer to mine as "fat girl pants".....'s ok...don't hold that eats you more than them better by forgiving.

yeah, the funny thing about this (besides being true) is...not all the numbers are on the clock...which would mean we don't have to pay attention to those hours, right?

*grin* I've HAD those days, but then forced my ass to the gym and regretted it...NEVER!! ;)