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  • Miranda Padgett

    OMG stop it! STOP. IT. The cutest thing I've ever seen ever. Babies and basset hounds and Fox & the Hound re-enactments. It's like someone manufactured my heart in picture form. This would be so cute to do with Adler (or Jase)! @Jess Pearl Pearl Liu Wright

  • Kerry Ann Littlefield

    the fox and the hound "We'll be best friends forever, right?" "Right." SO SWEET!


    Fox and the Hound, so cute #kidsanddogs #bassethound #adorable

  • Meg Smith

    A baby and a Bassett Hound, can it get any cuter?!

  • Mel B

    the fox and the hound. Dogs and Babies...and i am melting.

  • Paola Class

    So Cute Fox and Basset Hound!

  • Jackie Ascencio

    Fox and the Hound best friends photo shoot? Wolfie and the baby will totally get this done

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The fox and the hound.. This makes me want a little boy then buy a hound dog just to take these pictures so cute

Tod: Copper, you're my best friend. Copper: And you're mine too, Tod. Tod: And we'll be friends forever. Won't we? Copper: Yeah, forever.

baby fox - sto per fartene una che non ti dimenticherai tanto presto... oh, sì, sì... come sono malvagio...

so adorable! I'm glad to know that Brian May, former member of Queen, is still active in his campaign to maintain the ban on fox hunting.

When the girls get a little older! Beth Harrell

holy hell this is gorgeous. would love to do a session like this with wren and the boys someday (maybe at the Op' they still have horses?). photography by one of my favorites: barb uli of JinkyArt art photography.

Lovely family session. Love the heart toss at the end~

Love this idea of a boat out in the middle of nowhere.

YES!!! Love love love love love (I have a thing for red headed little girls! ) Jinkyart photos ♥ ♥