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    Zebra Loach

    • Lisa Sumner

      Zebra loach - a small freshwater fish native to S. India. Max size 3-4 inches, lives at 73-79 degrees F, prefers water 6-8 pH, 5-12 dGH. Keep in groups of 5+ with caves to hide in. Feed blackworms and sinking fish food. Will eat snails, shrimp, and pick on small bottom feeders like corydoras.

    • Rebecca Sharp

      Zebra / Crossbanded Loach (Botia Striata) - Adult size: 4 inches. Origin: Asia / India

    • Linda Ekroos

      Zebra Loach (FW) I have 3 of them with various other Loachies.

    • Samantha Hutchison

      Botia Striata | Description Botia striata.jpg

    • Rose Weisburd

      Zebra Loach, Indian Freshwater Fish

    • Animal Wonders

      Zebra Loach (Botia striata)

    • Jet Force

      Zebra Loach (FW)

    • Ed Overmars

      botia striata

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