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The Cool Hunter - Art

Philip Karlberg: pin art - celebrity portraits for plaza magazine. Jackie O wearing Burberry sunglasses

What gorgeous detail and dimension! Pencil art sign.

An integral part of any new visual identity and corporate image, Your logo should sum you up, invite and let people instantly know what you do.For BCN Lip we made not only the design of the logo itself, but a stunning display of it that ties the logo tog…

Digital ciclist portrait of Lady Gaga by  the artist Ben Heine

Ben Heine ~ Digital Circlism (j) This is a project Ben started in It is somehow a synthesis of Pop Art and Pointillism. In this series, Ben usually.

The Cool Hunter - Lichtenstein in peg form

100 Colors Exhibition - Japan

Steve McQueen

Photographer Philip Karlberg has just created a unique shoot for Plaza Magazine, sculpting famous faces by simply using clever lighting and carefully arranged wooden pins. Speaking about the project, Karlberg said: