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    Jason Schwartzman. He looks like Serpico here. I'm okay with that.

    it's like my fingers have a mind of their own when i start to type schwartzman on the keyboard.

    Oh Jason I have loved you since Rushmore

    I met Jason Schwartman when I was 14. I told him that he made my life, and then gave him a Rooney bracelet I had made out of plastic letter beads. He wore it on stage at the Metro. I don't know if I'll ever top that.

    I love Jason Schwartzman. Coconut Records is one of my fave bands! And I heart Huckabees is a fave film!

    Jason Schwartzman, from the Feb/Mar '13 issue of BUST Magazine

    loved jason schwartzman in "Rushmore" and other flicks

    : "I've been moonlighting as a private detective on the side."' : "You can't do that, that's illegal!" : "Why? I say in my ad that I'm not licensed, so that makes it more legal...ish."