Create letters for your bulletin board using 8 1/2 x 11 inch scrapbook paper that is placed on the landscape setting in Microsoft Publisher. You can use Word Art to make fancy letters, or use the fonts available in the program. I print them as “outline with no fill color” and feed the scrapbook paper through my printer. (Classroom Scissors)

Great idea instead of the plain old boring first day letter every year!

organize construction paper in plastic files. Keep scraps in the green hanging folders that separate the colors. Crates also work. This makes them stackable and portable and easily used by students. No more mess and damaged paper! Great idea!

Bulletin board MANY! Print on whatever colour paper you like - make your own design!

The Teacher Organizer: Classroom Set-up 101: "Classroom Stuff"

classroom decorating ideas, or jungle bulletin board... For my sister!

Test Taking Foldable-- have kids create before the state test

Classroom Door Decoration Ideas + Bulletin Board Ideas as well! (series of articles from school visits)

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Calendar Bulletin Boards, Preschool Calendar, Classroom Calendar Ideas, Calendar Making, Calendar Math

Printable paper over 830 paper templates for downloads

Where are we?

First week of school activity-have each student decorate a puzzle piece to describe themselves and then put together on a wall. Love this idea for creating a classroom community.

@Jane Smith This is a bulletin board where students can put up anything they are proud of, whether it's a picture, drawing or good grades. I like this because the kids choose what they post!

DIY Bulletin Board Borders: Very cute and unique bulletin board borders!!

Contact paper

I am not a teacher but this is the coolest bulletin board!

Beginning of year

Middle School Bulletin Board made of paint samples.

Your Life: Embellished --- Easy DIY Bulletin Board Ribbon Boarder. Classroom Decor, Teal/Lime Classroom, Chevron