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can I be an unattended child?

listen to your kids

Love this

I love this...

Thought piece on bullying with great resources and a way to help the fight against bullying (Plus a Giveaway)

Omg... These are creepily hilarious!!

I am your parent. You are my child. ~ lovely quote for parents.

Well played restaurant, well played.

Bernie Sanders •~• Honest - Straightforward - Not Owned By Banks and Corporations...and He's the ONLY One !!!

Haha way to go jen :)

your crazy is showing. Love this!!!

if you don't want a sarcastic answer, don't ask a stupid question. This is so true

This Disclaimer On A Container Of Cotton Candy - I am assuming it is fairy floss. Some people cannot be helped I guess

Excellent human being.

Damn it! More Expectations Reality, The Holidays, So True, Funny Stuff, So Funny, Happy Holidays, Expectations Vs Reality, True Stories, New Years The holiday reality! So funny because its so true! Haha! but really... Happy Holidays.. funny stuff! The holidays, true story So true! (EXCEPT I do throw great New Years Eve parties!) Oh so true! #expectation #reality Expectation vs. Reality, so funny so true! See more at http://blog.blackboxs.ru/category/christmas/

How Americans feel about the states...

Don't let issues weigh you down.

that's what she said

Aaron Tveit ♥


Doing the dishes