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Autism & learning awareness poster. Strategies to help!

Autism and Learning - What is autism and how does it affect a way a person learns? This infographic takes a look at autism and learning. It shows what obstacles people have when they're autistic and what ways they can facilitate their education.

20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know Infographic

The 20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know Infographic lists the top 20 websites for elementary teachers that fulfill the needs of your tech-savvy kids.

Signs that Your Child is Suffering from a Sensory Disorder  Infographic

Children who are easily distracted, sensitive to light, and oversensitive to normal touching could be hypersensitive. This infographic from a child behavioral issues center in Cincinnati has more information on sensory disorders and their symptoms.

Music Therapy and Autism infographic from The George Center

Music Therapy and Autism infographic from The George Center. Speech Solutions Hawaii just brought in a new music therapist!

Right vs. Left Brain by gpadi003

Psychology infographic and charts Left Brain vs. Right Brain (Infographic) Infographic Description Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Have you ever wondered why

Theories of Learning. It is important to understand the various learning theories in order to see what best fits your teaching style and student's learning styles. This will help your classroom function smoothly and efficiently.  5008

A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories – Infographic - This infographic does a reasonable job of breaking down the basics of different learning theories in a visual and understandable format.

Using EBP when selecting apps for autism. Good resource.

iPad Apps Can Support Evidence-Based Practice

iPad apps that support evidence based practice for both speech language pathology and autism spectrum disorders. This chart lists an evidence based practice and supporting apps for those practices.

Help asperger-s-autism

What is a Visual Reminder? A visual reminder is similar to a visual schedule in that it is an easy and cost-effective visual representation utilized to aid children with FASD with their memory.

Bloom's Taxonomy - I love this!

Blooms Taxonomy Classroom Posters not just posters, but conversations that are anchors for the learning and thinking work. (The students can challenge themselves to get to the higher level-G)

Great infographic, showing how human memory is created. Able to link to company products and brands, remain top of mind to consumers and have a great recall response.

How Memory Works - a very helpful infographic - definitely gives you some ideas on how to tweak your study plan given how the brain works