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Add character to glass furniture, the easy way!

Krylon Coral Isle Spray Paint 5 Ball Decorator Aerosol Paint by Krylon - spray accessories for pop of color

Mudpaint - a new line of furniture paint. Great for distressing and antiquing!!

Mudpaint – New Line of Vintage Furniture Paint Mudpaint has great coverage, a perfect finish for antiquing and aging and a smooth, texture.- for armoire in LR?

What a great guide to spray painting EVERYTHING! Thank you @Centsational Girl

Spray Paint FAQs: how to spray paint everything! Links to posts with pros and cons of spray paint, Beginner tips and Painting technique, and more.

Very detailed step-by-step instructions for painting front door. Best primer, paint, brushes, process...

How To Paint Your Front Door

Like this yellow door. Very detailed step-by-step instructions for painting front door. Best primer, paint, brushes, process, etc.

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint | From the Author: I have used a few different brands of chalk type paint however they are really expensive! I already had the paint I needed leftover from painting my dining room.  All I needed to do was make the homemade chalk finish paint consistency I needed.

Homemade Chalk Finish Paint

How to paint over glossy furniture WITHOUT SANDING! Oh my I needed to know this. I will not sand again.

Read this before painting anything! how to paint over glossy furniture without sanding! excellent, detailed instructions on which primer to use, which paint to use & other important tips & instructions!

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Glitter Blast takes glitter to the next dimension. This is a uniquely intense, sparkling glitter finish so it's easy to get an irresistible look on almost any surface.

Step 3: Buy the glaze. I use Ralph Lauren Faux Technique glaze that has been tinted with black paint. You do NOT need a gallon, a pint is plenty to do multiple projects. You can buy this at Home Depot, but it will NOT be tinted yet. You need to tell them the color to tint it. I then even added more black paint to it when I got home to make it nice and dark.

Glazing Furniture 101

All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor: Glazing Furniture 101 use this for glazing (product plus black paint to tint) only need a quart to do multiple projects