Teaching density! Shake it up and watch it separate again!

Density experiment

Science experiment: Watch as the blue and yellow water travel up the paper towel, making its way into the empty cup to make green water. -mad science theme

Density science experiment for kids using 7 different liquids

This website is FULL of experiments to do with kids - Its even got a preschool science section!

How to make a 3D book

Ideas for Science Projects.

DIY Lava Lamp: My kids will love this

Egg + Vinegar = ? ...sience rules!

How to Make Rainbow Coffee Filters

Make rock candy...best kids science project ever! You get to eat the results!

Making stalagmites! Visiting a cavern? Follow up with this activity! To make them, you essentially drip a super saturated salt solution from a cotton or wool thread, but I read a few warnings online that table salt doesn't work very well, so we went with epsom salts dyed green (for a little extra thrill), and I thought it turned out great. www.our-everyday-...

Water Movement Experiment

Throw paint-filled eggs at canvas. We're totally doing this one day! Outside project!

Science experiments

Bouncy balls from scratch . . . gonna have to try this for the kids!

carnation science experiment: rainbows

A little science...This would fascinate kids. Rainbow roses, you can do this by splitting the stems into strands and placing each one in food colouring the roses draw the liquid colouring into the petals, amazing! And that was my science fair project in middle school! :)

Walking on Eggs

Fireworks in a Glass...get ready for your child to want to do this activity over and over again -