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Don’t complain about things you are not willing to work hard to change.

Weight Loss Motivation Shrine... Pretty cool. I think everyone who's trying to lose weight should do something like this.

thinspiration pictures An inspiration wall. inspirational quotes that i thought would help me the best pictures of healthy food a weight chart, with every pound that i need to lose on it. as i go along and lose weight, i cross off the pounds.

If 12 weeks helps you get started then great - I always found any slip ups made me give up because I never thought I could reach a goal in that time - so just get started, keep going | Be consistent, don't stop.

Sustainable weight loss is a complete lifestyle change, not a 12 week eating plan. - SO TRUE!

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Secrets to slim. Great blog for exercises, daily tips and motivation thinspiration

the less you eat sweets, the less you crave them. when you want sugar, your body is literally begging you for protein! SO true I haven't eaten sweets or drank pop in MONTHS and I have no desire to even try them when they're around.

Diet plans for men #

No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving - Fitness Exercise Workout Quote. Exercise in the Morning Before Your Brain Figures Out What You're Doing.


i hate the worry, i don't want to be model skinny but i want to feel comfortable, other skinny woman's bodies dont motivate me because thats not how MY body is. MY body will always be different than a models.

So true! I ballooned up to 218 at my heaviest. I went to my Dr finally, and she put me on the easiest diet and exercise program. 80 grams of protein (20 before noon) and no more than 100 gross carbs. BUT I have to eat more protein than carbs everyday. I do 30 minutes of cardio per day (anyone can do that). Since May, I've lost 21 lbs! I am not giving up. I've set little rewards along the way...mostly concerts. Anyone can do this!

Skinny is not Sexy...

Skinny is not Sexy.Health is. Compared to a good of us (me included) the model above is “skinny”. She's muscular, has a body fat