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Abandon office for saw mill with pond to float logs up to mill East of Bovill, Idaho. This was 1954 and my first trip to Idaho to work in a BRC camp for the Forest service and Deans second year. This was a good weekend getaway and a good swimming hole. I spent the summer of 54, 56, and 57 working in the BRC camps. Dean always worked around Kellogg area and I always worked around the Bovill area. Ray

Ford Assembly Plant in Oklahoma City, OK .In 1925 Pa Young and another man took a bus from Roff, OK to this plant and watched while his 1925 Model -T was assembled. They rolled it out and gassed it up then Pa drove his first car back to Roff. At the time Pa and Ma had 5 children from 1 to 15 years old (Dad was 13). Ray

School picture taken around 1931. Top right is my Grandfather Alvin Murdock and he taught in Garvin county OK at Cross Roads, Antioch, Klondike, and Shady Grove. My Mother Fleeta Murdock (9) years old is 3rd from right in 2nd row and her sister Wanda is 2nd from left in 2nd row! My Grandfather retired from teaching in 1931 after 20 years service. He held positions as teacher, Principal, and Superintendent!

I think I might attempt to make these, who knows?


Picture of Elizabeth and Robert Moss family taken around 1907. Top left is Jesse Callie Moss (Rose) (my Grandmother) IDK names of other kids. Elizabeth and Robert (known as Mammy and Pappy Moss) Moved to Oklahoma I.T. in 1904-05 by covered wagon and settled North East of Ada, OK. The two sons as well as Granddad Rose's brother later moved to Union, TX (east of Brownfield) and became cotton farmers and cotton gin operators. Ray

Home place of W.C. and Callie Rose North East of Ada, Oklahoma close to the Canadian river. The family picture was taken in 1918 and left to right Lucille, (mother) Lois, Earl,Callie holding Helen, and W,C, (Bill) Rose. Scratching on picture made by Katherine born after picture was made and was mad she was not in picture.# 6 child was William (Pete) Ray

Boy Scouts from Pontotoc county Oklahoma with Pres Hoover at White House, Washington D.C. Aug 20, 1930. Dad (O.C. Young) is in back row #6 from left. Ray

Horny Toads as we called them growing up in Oklahoma. Pa Young always liked to keep them in the garden to eat insects but never could as he used DDT to keep insects in control. He and Grandmother made a trip to Alabama in the early 50's to visit family and his folks said we'll send a couple back in the mail to you. Upon opening the shipping box they found the two and a bunch of babies much to their surprise. Unknowingly at the time the DDT was also keeping the Horny Toads under control. Ray

Being a gramma of 74years, I understand this sweet old grammas problem my memory has gotten worse too! I've forgotten the really important things in life like many of us do, much to my grandchildren horrors! I'll be saying are you tomato's, white donuts or spaghetti with butter KAREN 4/18/15

Love this picture! I took this picture of gramma and Papa Murdock in "1954" at age 13. I was visiting for a couple of weeks and it portrays them as they were wonderful grandparents. Grandma always kept people happy and laughing! Every time I see this picture it brings back a precious memory from my childhood! ❤ Karen

Nobody I know wraps ankles like my dad! He remembers from his sports days! I love you daddy xoxox

Choose from 2 sizes (approximate size shown in inches) Cute, Scripty Wall Sticker Familiy Quote great for entryway or Family Room #familyquote #wallsticker

Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes

How to make tree stump furniture. Go to the lake along the shore and find these stumps. Take a chain saw to cut to size for ez loading.

Rancho de Chimayo Taos, NM. Delicious New Mexican food with the best sopapillas around.

3/6/15 - I'll let you know in 21 years when I hit 100. Ray

In "1948" I would walk down the highway to stay with the Spillars. They had a funny brogue and no children. They loved me and I loved them! They were old at least in their 50's. Lol I would sit for hours and look at her wonderful curio cabinet full of salt and pepper shakers! 💙 Karen 3/20/15

The Upper Room was first published in "1935. It has been a loved daily devotional reading for our family for many years! Ray was born in 1936! He said he can remember as a small child when visiting their Grandparents Young every night it was Grandmothers routine to read the Upper Room, Bible and to have prayer! Many times upon reading it I am amazed how it fits into my life and will ease my worried heart and mind! It is truly a "Blessing" going along with my "Bible for each days guidence! Karen 3/19/15

Home is definitely a feeling! Having family together, Love, Laughter, and Thankfulness! Being Blessed the wonderful feeling of home! 💙💜💙💜 3/16/15 Karen

Brothers & Sisters - - How blessed you are to have each other! Love, Mom 4/21/13

Gramma left holding the bucket!!!! Trip to Granbury drive through Animal Park with two little Grandsons Levi & Phillip and Granddaughters Callie and Kaylee. We had buckets of food for the Giraffe's and the boys were in Gramma's lap holding the food till a Giraffe (with a 18 to 20 inch black tongue)put his head in the window of the suburban and the boys jumped off Gramma's lap and went to the back of the suburban and left her screaming and holding the bucket!! Ray

We love telling stories! Many of these stories have been told by grandparents, parents, us, children and other family members! Stories of Life and History that connect us! 3/15/15 Karen

Stories live forever but only if you tell 'em. We have tried to save some of the stories told by our Grandparents and Parents as we remember them. 3/16/15 Ray