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The Squeaky door, Sanctum Mysteries. (1941-1952). We both have memories of listening to this lying in front of the raido. It always started witn the "Squeaky Door" and it sounded so scary!! lol Karen & Ray 5/7/13

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Dragnet - Old Time Radio shows MP3

The radio & 50s TV Show Dragnet.

Jeannette Brewer of Jackson, Mississippi, held the news of V-J Day and the end of WWII, knowing her sweetheart would be coming home soon.

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Vintage 1980s Goody Barrettes- set of SIX

we were oh so stylish in these!

Dog tags!! In use from 2/19/58 to 2/19/60. Basic training Fort Carson, CO. Radio School in Ft. Benning, Georgia, then a year in Korea. It was a happy day to come home to my wife and see my 7 month old son for the first time!!! The last few months In Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Ray

roller skating rinks I couldn't wait to go every Friday night and wear pom poms on my skates. We would have a spotlight skate,where the boys would shine a flashlight and if he shined it on you, you would skate with him.Also we would see who could skate through 2 glass coke bottles without tipping them over.

Radio was the lifeline for Americans in the 1940's, providing news, music and entertainment, much like television today. Programming included soap operas, quiz shows, children's hours, mystery stories, fine drama, and sports. Kate Smith and Arthur Godfrey were popular radio hosts. The government relied heavily on radio for propaganda. Radio faded in popularity as television became prominent. Many of the most popular radio shows continued on in television.

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Vintage Jacks Jax Set in Suede Souvenir Bag Daytona Beach Florida

Jacks for recess

Mysterious Traveler Radio Show ~ This is the Mysterious Traveler, inviting you to join me on another journey into the strange and terrifying. I hope you will enjoy the trip, that it will thrill you a little and chill you a little. So settle back, get a good grip on your nerves and be comfortable -- if you can! What a great introduction to a great old time radio show. Starting on the Mutual Network in 1943 it ran in many different time slots till the show ended in 1952