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  • J.d. Terhune

    "Don't tell me: We're about to go over a huge waterfall." "Yep." "Sharp rocks at the bottom?" "Most likely." "Bring it on." (GIF)

  • Selena Kyle

    Everyone tries to stump you with Disney trivia. | Community Post: 20 Ways To Tell You Are A Disney College Program Alumni

  • Janet Allen

    | Community Post: 18 GIFs From "The Emperor's New Groove" You Need In Your Life

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love emperor's new groove - On an unrelated note, freaking Joshua Hales! I always wanted to be shorter until he was taller than me, and then I was like, "You know what? Being a little bit taller wouldn't be so bad." And now Trevor's taller than me, and I just... Guys. Stahp. You're my little brother, and the friend who's always endured the "I'm older than you" for 1/3 of every year, and.... If i've freaking grown up with you, you aren't allowed to be taller than me, that's the rule, okay?

13 Majors In The Emperor’s New College…// In my opinion, the engineer's should have been, "WRONG LEVERRRR!" But this is FANTASTIC.

The Emperor’s New Groove never gets old…

And this is why we love Disney. Taking horrible stories and somehow making them into fairy tales for kids...

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Pixar is full of surprises…

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one of the best lines in the whole movie!

The missing boy servant - In the books, there are three hired servants. In the film, only the maid and the cook appear. The missing one is a young teenage boy named Robertson Ay, who is depicted as a foolish jack of all trades. I guess lazy boy servants aren’t very Disney.

Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it's only Wednesday.

And act like an actual human being. And not marry a guy just because he's a prince or literally 5 seconds after you've met him, but actually have a semi-realistic boyfriend.

Well said