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Buried Clay Pot Irrigation For The Garden {& More} : If you are looking for ways to reduce your garden’s water usage this summer (and low maintenance watering), buried clay pot irrigation might just be the trick you’re after. Here’s a bunch of info to get you started and then I added several different DIY irrigation methods at the bottom (some simple and small enough for house plants while others are more suited for gardens and shrubbery). Enjoy!

Olla - Here you can see how after a few hours water slowly seeps out of the Olla. The water seeps out through the clay wall of the pot, directly irrigating roots around the pots to absorb leaking moisture

Ollas. An olla is a handmade terracotta clay pot used as an ancient method of drip irrigation for container gardening or ground applications. Ollas virtually eliminate the runoff and evaporation common in modern irrigation systems, allowing the plant to absorb nearly 100 percent of water.

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