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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" ~ Leonardo da Vinci Frm Source of Light's bd: Quotes

How true

No need to justify.



Whenever I see your smiling face. ... --James Taylor

So true! So many people I thought I needed in my life were nothing more than dead weight I carried around, crippled by the fear of their acceptance. God is refining me and showing me who I am through Him!

so true

It's true.

Morning #BeckBromFL here is your Sunday Morning #Inspirational #Quote Life goes on | So true

Pretending it isn't will only do more harm than good.

SO true

Dance in the rain #JuicyWords

to remember

Oh so true :o)



There is beauty in everything just not everybody sees it... This applies to all the times I stop mid-sidewalk to marvel at a beautiful fall tree, the sparkle on fresh snow, or the surprising color a rising sun gives to the most plain building. People might give me funny looks for standing there a moment, but I should remember this quote then. beauty-ful

Laugh! Laugh!