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  • Cindy Waddill

    Beautiful pink poppy by Creature Comforts

  • Chelsey Preston

    color inspiration

  • Gwen Urban

    beautiful pink poppies! Kleurpalet van de week: beautiful flowers

  • Erin Wilkes Kreutzer

    that flower looks like a ball gown! so gorgeous

  • Wellness On

    Stop and notice the little things in life.

  • jess waltenberg

    Andy Small - Texture/Form - I think this photo is really cute and the pale pink flower on the right looks like a dainty ballerina skirt all fluffy and graceful. The pop of light green among the photo make the single pink flower stand out more. The feel of the textures are soft and very light as if you would crumble the flower if you touched it!

  • Peace, Love and Lots of Lipstick

    Pink Poppies, Flower Garden

Pink Flowers, Inspiration, Ball Gowns, Colors, Creatures Comforter, Gardens, Beautiful Flowers, Things, Pink Poppies

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Ranunculus Picotee, a Peony-like flowerswith a lavender pink edge

Một người luôn nhìn thấy và hâm mộ hạnh phúc của người khác. Bất chợt khi ngoảnh đầu lại, lại phát hiện thì ra mình cũng đang được người khác ngưỡng mộ. Thật ra, mỗi người đều có hạnh phúc của chính mình. Chỉ có điều, hạnh phúc của bản thân thường nằm trong mắt người khác.

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151/365: Over-exposure ~ SophieG*

....Blessed Valentine's Day everyone.. May everyone feel the love of God and of self today. You are loved - you are love.

I have a love for plants! When I move back home I'll look into adding more botany into my room.

So pretty! pompom dahlia... totally over the top! some blooms can get as big as your head... (wow, 'cause i can surely get a big head!...)

This fushia pinkish purple is a very magical hue, I have not found a color that it does not go well with, try it and see.

a lovely ride!!!!!!!! from flickr photostream - a triShaw