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Relatable Post #2512--That kill me moment when you think you're done with the dishes and you turn around and see those pots on the stove. So true. Every. Single. Time.

You remind me of my pinkie toe..... Sooner or later I'm gonna bang you on a table.

finding kansasfrom finding kansas

Pinterest – good for Bible study, too.

Oh the words of wisdom; how they ring true:)

I pretend to like people everyday. It’s called being an adult. That’s why we’re allowed to buy booze. / Snarkecards

Hah-ha truth! The best nicknames are the ones people don't know they have. (especially the ones we come up with at work for our regulars)

I'm using this one next time... It's so true! "No I don't hate you, I love you. Love to punch you right in the #$%^ing face :)