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My new workout routine.

Do you love yoga? Do you love Star Wars? Well, now you can have both thanks to this brilliant Star Wars Yoga Collection from Rob Osborne on Etsy :) Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and even Darth


I thing every woman can benefit from doing a simple yoga work out every day. It is the subtle strengthening & stretching that takes us into our later years feeling healthy! Bikram yoga: series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises

Combat Jiggly Arms With This Dynamic Yoga Sequence

Feel Stronger and Sexier With This Arm-Sculpting Yoga Sequence

Combat Jiggly Arms With This Dynamic Yoga Sequence. I hate yoga but I want strong arms.

Morning Yoga Routine | My simple morning routine

Morning yoga-- These bunnies doing yoga are the cutest. I love bunnies. :) and my nickname how my mom, dad and other family members are calling me is BUNNY KHKH. And I have bunnies at home as well, I am a bunny person in 2 words hi hi

I have honestly been thinking of this sequence for a week but am nervous to try it. Just had a huge margarita- should wait one more day. :/

Hummingbird Cake Recipe

I've got the crow, tripod, and headstand down. I need to work on my forearm stand and my penultimate goal is the scorpion!

tips for planking.. the exercise that I should obviously do more often, but hate with a deep, burning passion.

I hate planks! Maybe these tips will help me with planking on the pilates reformer (SO hard right now). Well, I don't know about the advice to read a magazine whilst "planking".

There's more to yoga than meets the eye, and we shouldn't confine our practice to a mat. Ashtanga Yoga #AshtangaYoga #Ashtanga #Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga I What is Yoga I Role of Yoga in Wellness

Yoga has become and is very essential to my daily spiritual practice (Sadhana) often thought of as "spiritual exercise or fitness" When Kundalini (energy) is practiced, this opens up a whole new arena of self~ love and connection to the divine, higher s

how to improve almost any yoga pose,  More inspiration at: http://www.valenciamindfulnessretreat.org .

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