Polka-Dot Cupcakes. Think Of ALL The Different Color Options For Different Holidays

Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Cake


Spider web cupcakes

Brain cupcakes? I think this would be great for a Halloween zombie party!

Icing-Wrapped Cupcake 1. Place two candy-coated chocolate pieces on top of the cupcake for eyes. 2. Decorate eyes using frosting and mini chocolate chips. 3. Crisscross the cupcake with purchased green icing.

ice cream cupcakes

Cup cake Subido de Pinterest. http://www.isladelecturas.es/index.php/noticias/libros/835-las-aventuras-de-indiana-juana-de-jaime-fuster A la venta en AMAZON. Feliz lectura.

Santa stuck in the snow cupcakes

Easy halloween decorations-- i did this last year!


Use a polka dot or plain black cupcake liner to top your cupcakes with a witch hat



Adorable Halloween Cupcakes!

Cute center piece that can be eaten!

halloween- cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes

Swirly Halloween Cookies

Polka dot pumpkin, just stickers and spray paint.

Halloween Cupcake Cake Ghost.jpg