Polka-Dot Cupcakes. Think Of ALL The Different Color Options For Different Holidays

Brain cupcakes? I think this would be great for a Halloween zombie party!

Icing-Wrapped Cupcake 1. Place two candy-coated chocolate pieces on top of the cupcake for eyes. 2. Decorate eyes using frosting and mini chocolate chips. 3. Crisscross the cupcake with purchased green icing.

Halloween baking

Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Cake

Banana Ghosts and Cutie Pumpkins


Cupcake Wreath For Christmas

How to make heart cupcakes - great for Valentine's Day!

Ghost Nutter Butters

Spider web cupcakes

Cute Halloween Cupcakes!

candy corn cupcake

Looking for a fabulous punch to serve at your Halloween party? Well, look no further. This Orange Sherbet Punch is AMAZING! It is full of orange flavor and is so decadent, it could even be dessert! This punch is super easy to make with just a few ingredients: 1 Packet of Orange Kool Aid (Make... Read More »

This technique could be used to make spiderwebs for Halloween cupcakes too! Previous Pinner: DIY Spiderweb cupcakes for boy's Spider-Man birthday party!

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