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Justica plants,,, good for part shade,, moderate water,, attract hummingbirds

Medinilla magnifica more commonly known as the Malaysian Orchid, despite it not being part of the orchid family. They are an evergreen shrub native to the Philippines. Zone 10-11, part or bright shade, 2-4 ft high commonly (8 ft high and used as a hedge in native areas), 1-3 ft wide.

Botanical word of the week for Feb. 20 2012 is incarnata (in-kar-NAH-tuh) From the Latin, meaning "to make flesh" and describes plants with pink or flesh-colored blossoms or stems such as the swamp milkweed, Asclepias incarnata.

Latin word of the week for March 5 is Circaea (ser-SAY-uh); a genus of poisonous plants described in Homer's Oddesy and used by the enchantress Circe in her potions. Circaea is in the Onagraceae family which includes willowherbs, evening primroses and fuchsias; it is not related to true nightshades which belong to the Solanum genus. Circaea lutetiana is native to Europe, parts of Asia and Siberia and has naturalized across most of the world but it's rarely cultivated.

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Aloe polyphylla- SPIRAL ALOE

Spiral aloe