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D.E.A.D - Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, and Tom Hiddleston (I think I passed out when I saw this picture.)

I'm so used to fangirling for dudes at least 20 yrs my senior, so for hiim to be like less than 2 weeks older than me fucks with my head so hard. I feel like I should be 15 or he should be like 45.

^ That comment. Those adorable boys are messing with us. ;)

Jimmy Carr is concerned about New Zealand's orc problem.

Ryan Gosling is a favorite of EVERYONE

strawberry, lemon, banana cream, pumpkin, blackberry, coconut cream, sweet potato... I'm a genius

The Big Bang Theory

The look on his face in the last frame. "Guuuurl, you know its true!"

Math humor! I laughed so hard!! Gonna put this on my next Alg II test!!!!

He wins. The girl in this photo works with me and she says this happened like a year ago haha and he's now THE EX.