Rune Guneriussen

Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen, creates these fairy tale installations but these installations are never seen by an audience only photographed by Guneriussen. His work is the approach to the balance between nature and culture.

Rune Guneriussen nous emporte dans son monde féerique planté au beau milieu de la Norvège. Des images surprenantes et poétiques.

Rune Guneriussen: Lumières au pays des fjörds

"Field of Light" displayed at the Eden Project in Cornwall and two other locations by British lighting designer/artist Bruce Munro.

magical light installation by British lighting designer/artist Bruce Munro. Field of Light was displayed at the Eden Project in Cornwall from November 2008 – March

filet lumiere 09 533x800 Des filets suspendus  installation art

Des filets suspendus

by Janet Echelman Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture suspends from the roof of the Denver Art Museum above downtown street traffic to commemorate the inaugural Biennial of the Americas.


森の中で美しく光るランプの灯りを利用したインスタレーションアート: DesignWorks Archive

globe lamps - The lush rural Norwegian landscape comes alive under the creative direction of conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen. Using lamps, books and other stacked objects, Guneriussen transforms the countryside.

Art work by Nike Savvas: "atomic: full of love, full of wonder"

Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder was a 2005 installation by artist Nike Savvas at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne. The piece involved an immense array of suspended bouncy.

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Vous vous doutez bien que je ne vais pas vous parler d’un spectacle pyrotechnique, mais vu le titre, vous auriez le droit d’en douter… Je vais vous par

Design et Lumière...

Field of Light by Bruce Munro 1 October 2008 Lighting designer Bruce Munro presented his Field of Light installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England November through to Spring 2009

Antique lamps in a forest, photography, whimsical

Rural Light Installations by Rune Guneriussen Norwegian conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen explores a fascinating balance of human culture and nature with his outdoor installations of electric lamps, stacked books, chairs, and phones that appear to have g

Cloud Landscape by Kohei Nawa

Cloud Landscape by Kohei Nawa

Kohei Nawa's Foam installation created a cloud-like landscape of soapy bubbles. Japanese artist Kohei Nawa filled a dark room with billowing clouds of foam for this art exhibition in Aichi, Japan