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  • Lindsey Los
    Lindsey Los • 3 years ago

    I use the 365 whole foods brand as well, and I absolutely love it!

  • Yoreganics
    Yoreganics • 3 years ago

    Yes it is... we use it in our organic products!

  • Christina Flores-Mayorquin

    Is it recommended to use straight up coconut oil, like the one you buy for cooking or is there a brand you should get that's for skin?

  • Debbie Nunez
    Debbie Nunez • 2 years ago

    Same question as Christina' Flores-Mayorquin - I use Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for all my cooking. Is this safe to use on my face & body? Or is it recommended I use a version that's specially made for face/body? I want to be sure that I'm using this correctly - thanks!

  • Phyllis Bristow
    Phyllis Bristow • 2 years ago

    I just use the same raw coconut oil that I cook with. Especially on my dry hands. Feels great:)

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