Cute for decorating

Loved these! You would be sucking on these things all day. I don't think I ever finished one

Vintage Sugar Egg. My grandma made these every Easter

Grandma's house- these were the best!

Vintage Tupperware Pastel Dessert Cereal Bowls Set. My grandma had these :)

Brush Rollers! We actually slept in these things. Pink plastic picks held them in place, And they HURT!

Filled Raspberry Hard Candy with Soft Centers - I remember these!

Ribbon candy - so Christmas

Good and Plenty candy box - Quaker City Chocolate & Conf'y Co, Phila, PA - 1960's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

Vintage North Pole Pillow | North Pole Toy Company | Vintage Style Christmas Pillows

Jacks...loved these

Remember When? 110 camera

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” a film by Kizo Nagashima and Larry Roemer 1964

Washer with wringer, The wringer took the water out of the washed clothes. Amazing feature at that time.

Christmas window candles.

Made of a hard plastic!!!!

Ayds diet candy..LOL

Candy Buttons

Vintage Christmas Lights | Vintage Midget Christmas Lights by AlphieBug on Etsy

"Checking It Twice" by Dona Gelsinger

Sears in the 60's