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Stain removal chart

Stain removal chart
Real Simplefrom Real Simple

How to Remove Every Type of Stain, in One Simple Chart

Stain removal chart

Northern Belle Diariesfrom Northern Belle Diaries

How to Remove Oil Stains or Grease Stains from Clothes

How to remove set in oil stains - Northern Belle Diaries #cleaning #stains #oilstain #diy #home #laundry HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL NEED: non-cooking oil (I used WD-40) baking soda scrap of cardboard (optional) Dawn liquid dish detergent an old toothbrush your regular laundry routine after stain removal many hints, so little time

Goodbye to armpit stains: 3-4 tsp Dawn, 2 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide, 2 Tbsp baking soda. Mix together & rub in.

Body hacks.

Body hacks.

Body hacks.

18 Awesome Body Hacks. Sorry for the long pin, but it's worth the read. Interesting stuff!

Living Well Spending Less®from Living Well Spending Less®

How to Remove Almost Any Stain

No one wants to toss a perfectly good shirt because of a stain that won't come out! Next time, try these tried & true techniques for removing almost any stain. From blueberries to wine, these simple steps will keep your laundry looking good as new. There's even a cute printable cheat sheet to hang in your laundry room!

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Goodbye to Yellow Armpit Stains!

1 part Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to get whites back to white! (add baking soda for extra scrubbing power) let sit for 1 hour then wash as usual. Gets whites back to white!

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

How to Clean Your {Top-Loader} Washing Machine

How To Clean Your Washer

Budget Savvy Divafrom Budget Savvy Diva

How To Remove Grease and Oil Stains on Clothing

How To Remove Grease and Oil Stains on Clothing | Budget Savvy Diva- chalk, baby powder and Dawn dish detergent will remove grease stains- have to try one of these!


Uses For Baking Soda For Cleaning, Laundry, Odor And Stain Removal

Baking Soda Uses