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DIY Wrapped Bracelets by barb Switzer made with Bead Gallery beads. All materials available at @michaelsstores and full instructions in link! #madewithmichaels

Unkamen Supplies Blogfrom Unkamen Supplies Blog

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I often am asked what the best way to finish leather cord is, or how to do it. Well, today I will show you two different methods! The first style is a simple wire wrapped fold-over loop. I prefer t…

Cut Out + Keepfrom Cut Out + Keep

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How to make a wire tree. Wire Tree - Step 5

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Crystalized Tree! This is amazing... I have been working on something but this is amazing!!

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Дубровина Wire

Кулоны, подвески ручной работы. Заказать Кулон из меди с лабрадором. Ольга Дубровина... wire wrap. Ярмарка Мастеров. Кулон

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Spiral Ear cuffs in wire wrapped aluminium wire by alufolie, $5.00

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letters ~ Need to work a little on that "B". But, I think I can make it better. The one in this pic looks like a lower case "f".

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Jewellery Making will publish this beaded bracelet tutorial soon.

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Cute dolphin earrings, outline earrings, stainless steel wire, dolphin jewelry, silhouette earrings, Wired Animals, Outline Jewelry

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Surgical wire cute dolphin earrings animal by CinkyLinky, $17.00

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Items similar to Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Gemstone Cabachon Pendant-Rose Quartz-Handmade Jewelry-c027p on Etsy

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Making wire wrapped loops. Using looping pliers and headpins. Make many at once to increase muscle memory.

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Initial . Wire Letter . Wire Initial Christmas by wiremajigs, $7.00

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Turn a stone into a cabochon

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making your own expandable bracelet

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the journey of living lifefrom the journey of living life

Konmari Revelations, Something New, and a Jewelry Update

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Konmari Revelations

Woven wire pendant