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Real film footage of the Titanic

Pictures of Titanic with a song from the Titanic Soundtrack. Titanic - Hymn To The Sea. Comment and Rate!

photos titanic underwater - Google Search

The grand staircase of Titanic in underwater footage. Imagine the grandees who frequented those stairs.

Some Pictures Of The Titanic You've Never Seen

Pictures of the Titanic. I've had a weird interest in the Titanic since like grade. I even wrote to the scientist who found the wreck and got a letter back. White Star Line

Only known video of the Titanic - right before maiden voyage, in Belfast.

Vidéo rare du Titanic avant qu’il coule

AMAZING real footage of the Titanic, in Belfast, (Northern) Ireland, prior to her final fitting out.

Was this man a time traveller? <<< No. That stuff isn't real. He was really good at divination <-- Time travel over divination any day.

Was This Man A Time Traveler?

He is A) a timelord, there for the Doctor, or B)The whole thing was planed. Doctor, he is definitely the Doctor, it's the only explanation I mean nobody could intentionally sink a ship like that.

The D deck elevator foyer

D-Deck elevator foyer on RMS Olympic identical to the Titanic

Titanic survivors on the Carpathia

TITANIC sink: Passengers aboard the Carpathia help survivors of the Titanic after plucking more than 700 out of lifeboats, April

The Titanic musicians - all went down with the ship, playing their instruments until the end.

The Titanic Musicians. They kept on playing as the great ship sank. This is where the saying "and the band played on" originated from.