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    curry planta

    Laurel, Laurus nobilis, Planta aromática, Lauro, Laurus nobilis angustifolia, Laurus nobilis aurea, Laurel dolce, Laurel Greco, Plantas aromáticas, Laurel noble, hierba aromática

    Curry Plant Though it's not the plant from which curry flavoring is made, give the leaves a sniff and you'd certainly think so. Whether you grow it for its scent or not, the lovely silvery foliage acts as a great filler in containers or beds and borders. Name: Helichrysum italicum subsp. serotinum Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Plant Size: To 16 inches tall and 30 inches wide Zones: 8-10; grown as an annual in colder-winter areasCurry Plant

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    Plant these in the garden to repel mosquitoes

    Herb garden

    chamomile, so pretty and smell heavenly in the herb garden; they're easy to grow from seed and naturalize well if you leave the second batch of flowers (after harvesting for tea, etc) to wilt and go to seed

    Bees are responsible for most of pollination and they are becoming scarce! Help save the bees by planting these flowers! #bees #flower #planting #garden #landscaping #organic #natural


    Paving stones. with thyme/chamomile in between

    Favorite herb--thyme: courage & strength, And it's beautiful with eggs, chicken, and mushrooms.