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red lories (photo by chinnchiyuu)... These are small parrots found in Australia. They also come in all blues, and mixed brilliant colors. Fascinating birds and Pinterest introduced them to me

~~PERFECT POSE...wanna be model.. ~ parrot by mustang00069~~

COLLARED LORY (Vini solitarius) - AKA the Fijian lory in honor of the island archipelago where it is endemic. Lories consume nectar and act as pollinators. Lories have a brush on the tip of their tongue that helps them collect nectar. This gorgeous bird's plumage was used as currency in several island archipelagos in the south seas.

Lori, close and personal inspiration for our new Desso carpet collection Freaks of Nature

Yellow Backed Chattering Lory on Black by Steve Wilson - need to up my game, via Flickr

Another one of God's awesomely beautiful creations, which showcase the brilliant colours only He could create.

Many-colored Rush Tyrant is a small bird found in South America belonging to the Tyrant Flycatcher family.

American Kestrel precious bird.

My mother's favorite things were cardinals in snow and mailboxes... this is a lovely combination... D

The Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal is a medium-sized North American song bird found in the American southwest and northern Mexico.