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Lovecraft's secret archives

Beauty of whatever kind, in it's supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.

professional Victorian mourners.

Now there's a job.Victorian Professional Mourners, From about 1600 to funeral mutes were professional mourners. Symbolic protectors of the deceased, the mute would usually stand near the door of the home or church.

Esta mirada con los ojos saltones se llama "Innsmouth Look", mirada de pescado o de rana. Este tipo de fotografías inspiraron la obra de HP Lovecraft "La sombra sobre Innsmouth"

Fotografías post-mortem de la era victoriana (Apto)

The Innsmouth Look People with the "Innsmouth Look" look vaguely fish and/or frog like through the face, especially through the eyes. Inspired by H. Lovecraft's works, particularly "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"--wow odd looking people

Incredibly disconcerting vintage pics of ventriloquists and their dummies - great Halloween fodder

Incredibly Disconcerting Vintage Portraits of Ventriloquists and their Dummies

Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies. Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies.


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