Great idea!!! Great way to display class rules, reminders, etc. Use student photos with speech bubbles

Having students make these clocks is sure to foster understanding with telling time!

Create a wonder wall for students to update or add their thinking

cute way to display birthdays

letter to the class

This is a great way to organize the helpers of the classroom in a new age way that the students will love! This poster provides many jobs for the students to choose from to help around the classroom. Since it is in a "technology" format, the students will love to pick an "app". This will also help the teacher keep the class on task and organized.

Each student paints a popsicle stick and they are arranged to make a bigger piece of art. Cool class project..or even the whole school!

Individual Student Bins for Classroom Organization (from Classroom Organization RoundUP with 100+ ideas!) at RainbowsWithinReach

I have always wanted to try this in my class..

Library Card Everyone Has a Story notebook #book-lover #gift-for-book-lover #gifts-for-book-lover

First Day of School Rules. Chapter 10.

class management - motivation/rewards without using candy

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog: TABLES WEARING SHOES??? Students can practice tying their shoes when finished with an activity

cool idea for when a kiddo does something you want to recognize in the class! Printable!

Library Displays

Tissue paper bulletin board tutorial. Fun idea!

Notes Home for 7 Habits of Happy Kids

good idea

TooLoud! app - hook up to smart board for vigsual for students so they can manage their noise levels themselves. Sweet!

Rules and behavior tracking - Like the SWAG

Whole class journals..each student can write in them on a certain topic and the class can read them at different time. Great 'I'm finished early' activity & Great for the writing center! Also for daily 5! LOVE THIS!