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Bitchy quotes

Whoop,bitchy quotes

You always manage to put a fake smile on my face.


laughed out loud for a whiiiile with this.

too true

HA! A perk of resting bitch face!

Tired of bitches. I have a zero bitch tolerance. I have no problem handing your attitude right back to you.

My kind of forgiveness

That moment when you find extra fries in the bottom of the bag.

"Fuck You. The End"

The number if times I think "shut the fuck up" while people are talking to me is getting out of hand.

Okay, I'm only going to say "fairly" smart because it appears that these cupcakes are not chocolate! lol.


I mean this has to be it.

i also think people can't recognize me when I'm wearing them! That's why I love sunglasses!


Haha yes.

LOL that made me laugh too much

Says the big girl.... LOL

I can't stop laughing

Lmao XD denephew