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Although socially stigmatized in the past online dating has risen to new heights in recent years. Make your own decision! There are 54 Million single people in the US alone and over 40 Million have said they use online dating and would again.

This is from a Canadian World Vision campaign which targets child slavery all over the world under the motto " No Child for Sale". Although we don't even hear anything about it if we don't want to over here, the number of children that are used around the

I believe in changes. All good things come to an end. Now it's time to start a wonderful, new adventure. Please, say hello to Adeevee.

Powerful Advertisement That Will Make You Stop And Think | The darkness symbolises the feelings and how hidden away the child is, we have to look closer to see the bruises and the writing; makes the audience think and therefore is memorable.

I believe this Volkswagen ad is in response to buying cheap parts for the car. It is a great concept because the cat could be seen as the company Volkswagen or it's cars - looks like something else but is different inside.