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birch tree candles @Sarah Clark we would be able to make these ourselves with a drill and just put a votive in them. It's an idea would go well with your burlap.

Basic Recipe for Rolled Candles. Although rolled candles are by far the easiest to make, they create lasting impressions. Paraffin wax is available in sheets, but cross-hatched beeswax is much easier to work with and adds a distinctive flair.

These little birch lanterns will warm the hearts of your guests this winter.

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Flameless pillar candles with remote!Perfect for hard to reach places like mantles and shelves!

The delicious scent of coffee beans mixed with a great scented candle- love anything I can do with my mason jars!

In love with these birch-inspired candles. I have one from Pottery Barn, and it is just too pretty to burn!

Lavender wrapped candles - imagine how the candle heat would bring out the lovely lavender pretty!

Frosty Salted Pillar Candles - A Martha Stewart how to. Just "paint" Glossy Modge Podge on the sides of your candle and then roll in Epson Salts. Let Dry

Embed flowers onto a candle by affixing dried flowers to the surface, then over-dipping in clear wax. This technique works especially well with interestingly shaped leaves and flat blooms.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night. I love candles, bird cages, and christmas lights.

People think taper candles are just for churches or fancy dinner parties, get creative and find uses for tapers everywhere.