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Monarchs. When I was a child during a long walk, I was walking under a bridge and found a bunch of monarchs dead in the same place. It was so unusual, it was sad and beautiful at the same time.

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SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY Yes, we have these ones, too, in our yard!

I love butterflies because they remind me that just as they were once worms who became beautiful things that can I.

Our new murals in the Guadalajara temple include a life size painting of a butterfly in the corner. It's kind of like a signature of the artist. Most of the mural is done in a loose, kind of impressionistic style, but this butterfly is done in great detail. It's beautiful, and right by the chair I get to sit in.

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Swallowtail butterfly Of all the butterflies, I think the Swallowtail is my favourite. Such a diverse variety