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    • Rebecca Wright

      Life lessons for my boys!! Totally teaching my son most of this.

    • Jennifer McWilliams

      15 things a Mom should teach her boys.... still have plenty of time before going over these with my lil man :-) <3

    • Kelsey Vollmer

      15 things a Mom should teach her boys. Good advice to keep in mind.

    • Clotile Hunt

      15 things a Mom should teach her boys... I love these! I remember telling my sons many of these things. Being a single parent raising boys is a different challenge than raising girls.

    • Elizabeth Lappe

      15 things a Mom should teach her boys. "a Dutch oven is never funny. EVER" haha

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    Wow I just read this and am crying my eyes out! I don't want my little boy to grow up :(

    So proud of my son:) @DE Schultz

    And... And he lives in Hawaii, with his stupid beautiful girlfriend! : 0 ) Paul Walker ❤

    Jake Gyllenhaal-those eyes and that smile!

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    I'd be the coolest aunt ever if I pull this one off with the jersey he'll grow out of so soon.

    Boys Sleepover Ideas .. lots of fun ideas ... my favorite ... Silly String War ..Divide the boys into 2 teams and give them 30 minutes to build a fort.  Give them supplies such as old cardboard boxes, sheets and a roll of duct tape.  Then give each team several bottles of silly string and let the war begin.  The team that is the least covered in string when it is over wins!

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    Great idea. I want one that says Baseball for my son.

    Teach your sons:1. Always shake hands firmly when meeting an adult and look them in the eye when doing so.2. Never wear a hat indoors.3. Always allow a woman to enter a door before you do.4. Always hold the door for the person behind you. 5. Wait until everyone at the table has been served before eating.6. Put your napkin in your lap while you eat.  Don't wait until the very end of the meal to use it, don't crumple it, and don't blow your nose in it.7. Always offer to give up your seat on a b...

    15 Things to Teach Boys.

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