• Shae Havner-Sierer

    Silly animals ;)

  • Rachel Touchie

    Animals with misleading names… Horny toad- Not a toad only thinks of you as a friend :) As a biologist, I find this especially funny.

  • Janina Vomund

    Misleading animal names. Horny toad only sees you as a friend :)

  • Blair Visscher

    Lies and the lying animal (names) that tell them -- Eastern Kingbird and King Cobra are my favorite. And horny toad haha

  • Matt Cybulski

    Trolls of the Animal Kingdom (the people responsible for naming them are the real trolls here, though)

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black hole

All the planets in one picture...via themetapicture #Illustration #PlanetsThis is AWESOME!


O Star (the fairest one in sight) We grant your loftiness the right To some obscurity of cloud ~ It will not do to say of night, since dark is what brings out your light ... It asks a little of us here, It asks of us a certain height, so when at times the mob is swayed to carry praise or blame too far, We may choose something like a star To stay our minds on and be staid. • Robert Frost, from the poem "Choose Something Like a Star", 1916

Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets…

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” Neil deGrasse Tyson

Thor’s Helmet Nebula - NGC 2359 (also known as Thor's Helmet) is an emission nebula in the constellation Canis Major. The nebula is approximately 15,000 light-years away and 30 light years in size. The central star is the Wolf-Rayet star HD 56925, an extremely hot giant thought to be in a brief, pre-supernova stage of evolution

The ice fountains of Enceladus Fountains of water ice blast thousands of kilometres above the surface of Saturn's tiny moon Enceladus. It is thought that the pull of Saturn's powerful gravity distorts the moon and heats the interior, forming an underground ocean. When this reservoir of water contacts the vacuum of space it vaporises and explodes above the moon. Any liquid water freezes instantly. Images of the ice fountains were first captured by the Cassini probe.


Jfherve nudibranches


This is Jazhara. Jazhara is a Jaglion. The jaglions have a jaguar father and a lion mother.

Good to know.

‘Mega-Earth’ And Doomed Planets Top Today’s Exoplanet Finds

Anatomy of the Brain anatomy poster depicts base and right side views of arteries of the brain as well as venous sinuses.

"Physicists say we are made of stardust. Intergalactic debris and far-flung atoms, shards of carbon nanomatter rounded up by gravity to circle the sun. As atoms pass through an eternal revolving door of possible form, energy and mass dance in fluid relationship. We are man, we are thought, we are story. We are all star stuff."

A dying star captured by the Hubble telescope

Crescent #Nebula. #space #astronomy #hubble

Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit.

U Camelopardalis, a dying star about 1400 light years from Earth

The Cassini spacecraft took this view of Saturn’s moon Dione in October 2005, with the tranquil gold and blue hues of Saturn in the distance. The horizontal stripes near the bottom of the image are Saturn's rings

It's still a planet to me...

Hypernova! - Gamma rays burst from either pole of a shattered star undergoing a hypernova explosion. © Don Dixon, 2005.