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    omg. I can't stop laughing for the kitty. Haha

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    omg hahahahaha

    cannot. stop. laughing.

    I laughed too hard

    Stung by a bee on his paw - OUCH!!! Sad that the cat got stung but I can't help but laugh while looking at this picture, hahaha.


    So THAT'S where their feet go...

    I'm laughing so hard right now.

    Hahaha... Can't stop laughing!

    I'm laughing so hard

    Because I'm all about those cats.

    You're one cool cat!

    Made me laugh

    Awww Rupert!!!

    How I feel after losing 5 pounds...

    cannot stop laughing....

    I laugh. Every single time.

    i laugh more and more everytime

    omgoodness - can't stop laughing