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    • Natalie Owen

      freeze fresh herbs in ice cub trays. Great idea!

    • Cathy

      Freeze herbs in ice cube trays. Photo: Organic Gardening

    • Jennifer Jurkus

      How to freeze herbs -- I have done this and it is wonderful. I never use all my fresh herbs when I buy a specific one for a recipe so I chop them, put them in ice cube trays with a tiny bit of water and freeze them. So easy and saves time later!

    • Samantha Garrick

      Freeze herbs in ice-cube trays with water or chicken broth to use later. Prevents wastage and spoilage. Great Idea!! My fresh herbs always go bad before I use them! Now, where are some ice cube trays!

    • Mallory Fouts

      HOW TO FREEZE HERBS: Drop 1-2 tsp. of herbs into each cube of an ice tray, fill with water or chicken broth, place tray in freezer for 24 hrs, pop them out & save in Ziplock freezer bags.----------------------------------------------------Becky's notes. Did this with Basil and Oregano from my mini-garden. Works great in casseroles!

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