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    • Carolyn Barnett

      Montana Egg Cabin - Great how-to for an inexpensive chicken house run that is easy to clean and protects chickens from winged predators.

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    Natural coop disinfectant. Peels from at least 3 oranges in a 2 qt. container. Fill with white vinegar. Let sit 1 month before use. Spray coop after cleaning out all bedding and poop.

    Knoxville News Sentinel artist Don Wood created this design for our Food & Home front today about the variety of colored eggs produced by different breeds of chickens. Wood drew each chicken by hand.

    Eggs by breed via The Chicken Chick on Facebook. www.The-Chicken-C...

    cool info on how to build a super cool chicken run. Predator proof and roomy. From "my pet chicken" blog 20120904_172518

    Tips on building the perfect chicken coop. Plus DIY hanging chicken feeder ideas. I saw on another pin that in the south, they would always paint the ceiling of their porches blue because mosquitoes hate the color and wasps won't build nests there; maybe here, too?

    Apple Treats For Your Chickens by Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily | hanging apples


    Great tips for raising chickens in your backyard!

    How to sex day old chicks: one even row of feathers on wings = male // two rows = female

    Wing Clipping 101 - When to do it. How to do it. Why to do it. | The 104 Homestead #chickens #poultry #wings

    Stump dust bath... I LOVE this... fits right in for us!

    Chicken standing on brick in water to cool off! Brick absorbs water. KEEPS CHICKENS COOLED OFF IN HOT WEATHER!

    Chicken First Aid Kit

    Removing Rooster Spurs Tutorial with a youtube video with Raising chickens on the homestead.

    For hens to make strong eggshells, the size of the calcium source matters.

    Coop security, the differences between hardware cloth and chicken wire

    DIY: Chicken Run Ladder- Refurbish an old rickety ladder into fun for the flock!

    DIY Chicken Waterer - reuse

    So why is this wire mesh attached to my pitchfork? Because I've turned our chicken coop into one big litter box. After doing this for the last year or so, I can easily say that this method is a winner. I added a 2-inch layer of coarse sand to the bottom of the coop and use my "pooper scooper" to pick up the poop. And the coop doesn't smell! That's half the battle in keeping critters away. Once a year, clean out all the sand and start over and you're good to go.

    What an absolutely fantastic way to secure your hardware cloth!

    Great DIY Roost for your chicken run.

    Hang a cabbage inside an old onion bag about head-heighth of the chickens. They’ll get hours of enjoyment picking at the cabbage.

    When a hen has an egg inside her oviduct, she is referred to as being egg-bound. Egg-binding can be a life-threatening condition that must be addressed quickly, preferably by a seasoned, chicken veterinarian. If the egg is not passed within 24-48 hours, the hen is likely to perish. Absent access to a vet, backyard chicken-keepers may have to take matters into their own hands in order to save the hen's life.