Learn how to do a burpee step-by-step with this Pinterest Exclusive from BiggestLoser.com! #DolvettsBurpee #BiggestLoser

Jillians No-Equipment Workout (16 minutes).

Danni's before and after transformation! #BiggestLoser

Home Workout. No equipment. 10 exercises, 30 reps each.

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One-Minute Workout: This exercise that gets your heart pumping in 60 seconds: http://blog.womenshealthmag.com/whexperts/see-fitness-results-in-just-one-minute/


Work it!

Before you Zumba, WATCH THIS VIDEO!! It teaches you the basic steps, super important.

Ohhh Burpeeeees...

bing, bang, boom

"Back Fat Be Gone! 3 Steps To Combatting Bra Bulge..." I'm pinning not because I need to remember this but because these types of exercises have worked for me to reduce back fat. #I'minmylate40's

Daily Home Workout | The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Shares His Top 3 Moves For Weight Loss

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How to get your post baby body back into shape. Crunches are not the answer, they could actually make it worse. Follow these steps.