Shooting Star Wall Art - Just add nails and yarn and you have your very own DIY nail and yarn art!

DIY Nail Art- New York City Skyline made from stained board and nails


Make a wall of simple paper origami hearts. Template for download included.

DIY Dream Catching

CHA and All/ wood and wool / cool /

Constellation wall art

Making a unique wood wall art. Full Tutorial.

Butterfly String Art Wall Hanging Plaque by TheOrangeCollective, $42.95

DIY 5 String Art Stars’ Tutorials and Templates from By Blikfang here.

Yarn Art. Hammer nails half way in the wood along the outside of your shapes and wrap yarn, any shade you like, around the nails. The options and designs you can make are endless!!!

DIY Cool String Wall Art. Should also see about different shapes too.

DIY Thread and Nails Panel DIY Thread and Nails Panel

5-Pointed Star in One Snip | Flea Market Gardening

DIY Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Vintage Americana Wall Art

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DIY Wall Art. Fabric on Canvas or Corkboard.

DIY nail string art. Let it go

Painted Nail Wall Art

paper wall flowers