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  • Barbara Guttman

    Funny animal captions, animal pictures with captions, lol animals

  • SnapComms Ltd

    Beware of bias and hidden agendas Internal Communications need to be balanced and accurate see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

  • Mary Sedivy

    Funny Cat Photo: Chef Kitty Cat Cooks. Next it says to add catnip. You sure??

  • Katie Cozza

    CAT CHEF: Awww - with the apron and everything!

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Living with cats. Every time. HAHAHA omg that's what my cat does EVERY time he sees me holding a book! XD

Made me laugh and, as always, Maru is wearing his dedpan expression while he is curled up in a box :)

The best card you can get for your birthday…

My boys, in turn, at least once a day are in this position

Too funny. This is what Sabrina thinks she is most of the time. Kitty looks just like her too.

If I were a cat, this is exactly what I'd do. I'd lay on a stripey floor and flaunt the fact that I can wear stripes with spots and look like a boss.