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    Portrait, 1963 • Jeanloup Sieff

    Best friends !

    .A little upset,,,,, Boy.. beware of girls like her.. they always win.

    .enjoy the fun fair.

    we will be friend forever

    Sabine Weiss - I think that we shouldn't stop taking pictures of children. They are the future of humanity. Can we close our eyes to our future?

    photo by Sergio Larrain

    .mother's hand 1946

    Recent studies have shown that children who are in happy friendships are more likely to succeed in many different ways such as academic, social, emotional, and physical demands especially in school. #amitié #powerpatate

    HAHA idk if any of my friends would be up to doing something like this...

    my misty morning

    foto: Writing prompt: Hipótesis: ¿Qué estarán mirando? [Imagen de Gunnar Smoliansky, 1959.]

    Jeanloup Sieff - From the book: Les Indiscrètes: Unpublished Photographs by Jeanloup Sieff . S)

    care for your children.

    1932 was smoking tennis

    i love all the negative space in this image by emma wood. just gorgeous! the imperfections like the bandaid make this perfect

    best friends, son esas personas que siempre esgtan a tu lado en los buenos y malos momentos


    Playing music with your friends I hope my kids are kind, gentle, and respectful to all animals and nature. If its one thing that upsets me is mistreatment of animals and our Earth.

    considering this alternative to our crumbling Big Box play set