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    Mother fox & Kit by Gabi Marklein

    Mamas Girl by Anita Ross

    Our latest blog post explains why we need to spread the love. “Ugly” Animals Need Love Too

    Oregon Zoo Cares for Feisty Cougar Orphans

    Approaching by Stefan Rosengarten

    Thanks to Tyler Green for this adorable photo of the Safari Park's new Sumatran tiger cub.

    If ever an animal was born to run, it’s the cheetah. People have marveled at this fastest of land mammals for thousands of years. Egyptian tombs and rock temples show representations of the cheetah, and many ancient cultures used the cheetah for its hunting prowess, much the way falcons are used in many countries to accompany hunters.

    Peekaboo! by Fanny den Outer | Legendary snow leopards are rarely seen in the wild, as they live high in the mountains of Central Asia. Although the cats freely cross the international boundaries of 12 countries, their secretive behavior and remote habitat among the highest mountains in the world add to their mystery.

    The gerenuks welcomed a new addition. Help us welcome this little fluff to the world. (pic by Linda Schafer)

    Tiger cub photos by Penny Hyde

    Meal worms for breakfast! East African crowned crane siblings are getting lots of ♥ from their West African crowned crane foster parents.

    The bonobo is one of the most rare and intelligent primates in the world; they’re only found in a small part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and, among other things, their social structure is unique, complex, and largely peaceful.

    Which Baby Animal Are You? QUIZ

    A single male Sumatran Tiger cub was born at 1:54 a.m. Sept. 14, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Tull Family Tiger Trail, to first-time parents Teddy and Joanne.

    Warm Milk for a Tiny Tiger Tummy! Tiger Cub Being Hand-reared at the Animal Care Center by San Diego Zoo Global

    Looking Up..! by Wim van den Heever

    Baby red pandas are perhaps the cutest babies of all.

    Beautiful Baby

    Daydreamer by photo-sommer

    Hop to it by Ion Moe Another look at the baby wallaby and mom at the San Diego Zoo.

    Valerio, a jaguar cub, recently turned six months old. He's a star attraction at the San Diego Zoo. Photo by Ion Moe

    Pip the Bennett's Wallaby Joey Gets a Cozy New Home

    September, 2008 - Little Menderu (Berani, Cinta, and Connor's older brother) eats his greens. pic by Mike Wilson

    A Balancing Act by Angie Bell

    A new wallaby joey is wooing guests in the Australian Outback. Photos by Ion Moe